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"The TechRevolution content strategy is up there within the top 1% of those who are doing it right, and the corresponding results are a testament to the great partnership."

Pearce Delisle, Global Content Evangelist, LinkedIn


Tech Revolution: GoT Takeover






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Lenovo’s brand strategy is to lead technology conversations and engage their future-thinking decision makers with topical content.

Staying true to this brand promise, Lenovo and Frizbee saw the Game of Thrones (GoT) season 7 launch as a way to drive some of these conversations. The spike in #GoT conversations presented a fantastic opportunity to inject a dose of relevant, engaging content into the TechRevolution community - and have a bit of fun along the way!


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TechRevolution received a seasonal #WinterIsHere takeover/makeover orchestrating the digital campaign launch with the first show of season 7. This fresh approach hit all primary channels including a re-skin of the website and social platforms.

The #GoT inspired theme included whimsical versions of the logo, banners, lingo and developed a number of tech-related articles & videos aligned to GoT plots & characters, as and when each episode went live.


TechRevolution was created to be an always-on content hub showcasing technology news and specialising in industry leading technology conversation.

Our GoT takeover enabled us to hijack a globally trending conversation and drive relevance amongst a new community of tech decision makers.

By bringing technology interests to them wrapped in a pop culture angle, we saw the following results in just a few weeks:

  • an enormous increase in social engagement
  • some of the highest CTR and engagement scores of all Lenovo content and
  • an organic reach of over 12k video views
Frizbee are a great team to do business with. The team keep it real! They have an edge to their business ethic where they invest time with clients to ensure they really get to know them as well as ensuring the client knows the Frizbee team. And they are a fun team! As a client, Frizbee took the time to get to know me and my needs in depth resulting in delivery of quality work. This has been my experience while working with Frizbee to deliver TechRevolution, designed for Commercial IT customers. Not only have they delivered this project on time, they’ve delivered it on budget and the overall cost structure of Frizbee's services are the most competitive I've seen. In addition, they’ve provided additional services to enhance the user experience across social platforms which has resulted in more site views and article downloads. I’d highly recommend Frizbee as a first-class company to work with.
Charis (Deighan) Jamieson, Marketing Director, Lenovo APAC

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