Video Marketing Isn’t Just for B2C: 4 Ways to Make Video Work for Your B2B Business

by Christian Valenzuela | 3 years ago

You’ve heard all the ways B2B and B2C marketing are different (which, arguably, they are):  while B2B marketing means demonstrating experience and expertise, for example, B2C is more about offering special deals and entertaining one’s audience.  The buyer’s journey for B2B is more protracted, which means leads require more (and more detailed) content and a longer nurturing process.  B2B marketers use logic to sell, while B2C depend on emotion.  The list goes on.

Where B2B and B2C Intersect

There is, however, at least one marketing strategy that works equally well in B2B and B2C marketing:  video.  That’s the assessment of a recent survey of B2B marketers in the United Kingdom.  Among the key findings of that poll are the following:

“The vast majority of respondents (93%) agreed that video allows B2B brands to embrace creative storytelling opportunities. 62% said it helps build brand awareness and half said they invest in video to promote their goods or services. Many respondents said they believe that their B2B video was effective in generating leads. 77% said they were getting more leads, and 78% said they were of higher quality.”

How to Make Video Work for Your B2B Business

Those are some impressive metrics, but of course, they reflect average performance.  Some B2B marketers are faring much better, while others continue to struggle—and that begs the question of what separates the winners from the losers.

While every B2B company is different, and each needs to consider what strategies will work best for its audience, some are effective for virtually every business, including the following 4:

1.  Show (Don’t Tell) Them about Your Experience

With B2B marketing, experience counts.  You could send prospective customers long-winded case studies and white papers, or you could bring your experience to life with video.  There are many ways to make this strategy work for your business.  You could, for example, offer video testimonials from satisfied clients or bring customers inside your business to shine a spotlight on your staff or show them how your products are assembled.

2.  Humanise Your Business

The notion that B2B marketing needs to be impersonal is just wrong.  The fact that your marketing (as opposed to that of your B2C cousins) should carry more weight and provide greater detail doesn’t mean you can’t show your human side.  After all, your audience, should they choose you over one of your competitors, will be working closely with your business, and that means they want to know not just what you know, but also who you are.

For example, there’s no reason you can’t use humour to sell your products and services.  Poking fun at yourself, in particular, will demonstrate the kind of humility that generates trust and a prospective client’s desire to form a long-term partnership with you.

3.  Help Customers Solve Their Problems

This is inbound marketing 101.  When you help people solve problems (the problems that matter most to them), you gain their trust and overcome key objections to purchasing your products and services.

The first step is to identify what those problems are.  You can get answers by following conversations on social media, or, more directly, conduct a customer survey to find out what they care about most.  Step 2 is to create compelling videos which give authoritative answers.  You could, for example, use how-to videos that show clients how to install a product, troubleshoot, or get the most out of a service.

4.  Personalise Your Content

If yours is like most B2B businesses, your customer base is not monolithic.  The good news is that it’s now easier than ever to create many videos, which means you can shoot a separate video series for each segment of your market.

Of course, you’ll need to do some good market research and gather robust customer data to make your personalisation strategy effective.  Once you do, you can use email marketing to distribute the kind of relevant and useful video content that will wow your customers, increase conversions and drive sales.

That fact that your customers are more attuned to detail and expertise than entertainment and glitz doesn’t mean they don’t like video.  A smart video marketing strategy can help you polish your B2B brand, connect more effectively with your customers and prospective customers and demonstrate the reasons your business is better at solving client problems better than the competition—and we can help.

To learn more about UNLOCKING YOUR VIDEO MARKETING POTENTIAL and ways our engaging marketing content will help you drive sales and grow your B2B business, contact us today.

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