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Top Ten Social Media Trends 2018

by Joana Inch | 3 years ago

Social media trends change faster than trends in hairstyles, clothing, and cuisine. Knowing and using what is hot right now will boost your social media numbers as soon as you implement them.

Social Media Trends

The trends for 2018 illustrate show how quickly video marketing is overshadowing text and photos. And no wonder. Video attracts more attention, elicits more emotion, and can be quickly watched by viewers who have little free time.

According to a recent Hubspot report, 43 percent of social media users want to see more video from marketers. Businesses publish an average of 18 videos a month, and these videos retain 37 percent of viewers to the end of the ad. Eighty per cent of online customers would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

Live streaming is gaining traction and is watched by 37 percent of all ages, from teens to seniors. After watching a live video about an event, 67 percent are more likely to purchase a ticket to the event. The mobile-only streaming app,, is a newcomer but already has 20 million active users.

Messaging apps are growing in use by marketers and are well-liked by customers, particularly messages with videos embedded. These are easy to use both for the company and the consumer.

Social Listening is gaining in importance and not only as a means of quick responses to complaints. Knowing what is being said about your company online helps you collect useful data on your customers and your competitors. It is an immediate way to manage a crisis and generate reports. Social listening helps you measure impact and brand sentiment. Using Google Alerts is a simple way to get started.

Influencer marketing competes with email marketing as the most cost-effective online acquisition method. This method is evolving as studies show celebrity influencers do not provide the expected increase in engagement. The current guidelines suggest maximum reach and engagement can be best achieved through micro-influencers with 10,00 to 100,000 followers.

Instagram stories were introduced in 2016 and grew to 200 million daily active viewers in less than a year. It has surpassed Snapchat and is still trending upward.

Augmented reality is poised to have an impact on social media that online gaming enjoys. It can be viewed on computers and smartphones. Here video has a crucial role to play.

Social Media Trends

Social engagement continues its 2017 trend in having more impact on the bottom line than making direct sales and driving traffic to a website. This is not a blip. According to the State of the Social Report respondents reported when measuring the ROI of social media advertising campaigns, 42 percent used engagement, 17 percent used leads, and 15 percent used sales.

Facebook continues to be the leading marketing platform, now used by 96 percent of businesses promoting goods and services. As of June 30, 2017, there were 2 billion monthly, active users on FaceBook and more than 1 billion daily, active users.

Twitter is important for marketers with 89 percent saying their business is actively using it. Twitter reports that the use of videos embedded in Tweets is skyrocketing.

Research from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that having a social media content strategy is a primary factor separating the most successful and least successful businesses. The difference is a whopping 51 percent. This institute is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, It helps companies attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. Their research helps marketers keep up with the latest trends and is quick to report on new social media platforms and their usefulness in marketing.

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