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Social Video Marketing Trends for 2017: now is the time to place video at the front of your business

by Frizbee | 4 years ago

Web video is a spectacular and growing tool for creating brand awareness and trust in the online marketplace. Cisco’s annual report shows us that 70-80% of all internet traffic will be video bandwidth before the end of this year. Video’s importance cannot be understated, it’s no longer optional. Just as your storefront must extend to a website or at the very minimum a Facebook page, now to you need video(s) representing your service, product, and company. Not only are people desperate for content, but they judge the professionalism and authenticity of your company based on the video content (or lack thereof) on your website and social media platforms.

  • Getting Your Message Out There

Videos are a long-term investment with a large front end and an enduring life long after newspaper ads have expired, blog posts are forgotten, and info-graphics are no longer relevant. Post this single video to Tumblr, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, and your website. Linked to on affiliate pages, Yelp, FourSquare, and LinkedIn. Kept on a thumb-drive to give to clients or looped at a convention or trade show. Cut up the video and use isolated segments to introduce presentations or company announcements. You make the perfect pitch one time, then you deliver it again and again to the entire world.

  • Brand Authenticity and Trust

How do you develop a trusted brand image? The answer is you need to put a human face in front of your audience: speak to them face to face. Having a host or the founder speaking to viewers is a great way to connect with them in a way that walls of text or sleek info-graphics never will. Viewers tend to watch longer when they stay engaged by an actual person. You’re more likely to get your entire message across. You should absolutely have a spokesperson to stand out in front and represent the brand. This is an essential way to separate your company from a ‘faceless corporation’.

  • Tell a Story

Think of what a story really is; It’s a three-act structure. The formula as old as time itself makes an emotional connection with the audience and imbues deep meaningfulness in the content. Act one, you establish the world as it was and identify the problem that people everywhere face. Act two, you seek to change something for the better with the help of friends and mentors, struggling against those that would seek to stop you. Act three, after overcoming the final, great hurdle, you bring the knowledge of a better way to the masses. Anything is a story, from a product demonstration to the company’s founding.

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