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Social Video: 3 Tips for Getting More Facebook Video Views and More Engagement

by Rees Hellmers | 4 years ago

Don’t you hate it when your intelligent, informative, well-produced Facebook video gets overshadowed by a video of kittens playing with yarn?

Don’t fret. Those spending hours on cat videos probably aren’t in your target audience anyway. If you want to get more Facebook video views and engagement from those in your target audience, try these tips.

3 Tips for Getting More Facebook Video Views

Before diving in to ways to get more Facebook views, remember that the best and only way to get social media engagement and to get your target audience to act is to provide value. That means your videos should ultimately solve a problem, provide information, or inspire your target audience.

Of course, your video can’t do any of these things if nobody watches them.

Create Square Videos

All that hard work you put in to get the right lighting, the right script, and the right animations improved the quality of your video. If, however, you would have made it square instead of landscape, you would have drastically increased engagement–especially with mobile views, which are increasing exponentially.

Here are a few reasons for going square.

  • More than 92% of Facebook users access it via their mobile device daily
  • Video viewing on mobile devices has more than tripled since 2013
  • Square videos take up 78% more space in the mobile news feed than on desktop

It’s that simple. Square videos take up more space on mobile devices. More individuals use mobile devices to watch videos (square videos get more engagement on computers as well). You might want to try square instead of landscape and see if it increases engagement.

Add Captions to Your Videos

This one takes a little more work than changing the orientation of a video, but the following statistic might convince you it’s worth the trouble:

  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

That means 85% of the time your video plays, nobody’s listening. And if your video does not contain captions, nobody’s getting the intended value, which means nobody’s engaging in your content. You can add captions to your video via Facebook for new and for existing videos.

You can also add colorful and pointed text overlays with a video editing tool to make the video more appealing.

Give a Video Preview

Account for social media attention spans and provide a description of the video with the post. This tells the viewer that spending a couple minutes watching your video will be worth their time. Facebook recommends “pulling out a key quote or moment from the video as the text component of your post.” This sets viewers expectations and allows the video poster to laser target the correct audience.

In short, informative copy with an enticing, relevant thumbnail geared toward your target audience increases views and engagement.

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