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No Bones About It: How Kellogg’s shared their brand purpose with ‘Unstoppable’ ambassadors

by Frizbee | 4 years ago

You know the “sea of content” analogy that describes today’s marketing scene. What if I told you we could deliver brand success from literally riding a wave?

Frizbee helped Kellogg’s do just that with the breakfast giant’s highly successful Channel of Bones video and social media campaign.

(PSA: Pun-tastic story ahead)

With the launch of its Nutri Grain Unstoppable Individuals program, Kellogg’s had begun a purpose-led branding journey. Documenting jaw-dropping feats of strength and willpower, the vision behind Unstoppable Individuals incorporated inspiring, real-life experiences aligned to the brand promise.

When athlete Kendrick Louis conquered Hawaii’s famously harrowing Channel of Bones in the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championship, Kellogg’s knew it had found something or someone unstoppable. But how would they capture the glory of Kendrick’s triumph, connect his tale with the brand and (importantly) get the right audience on board?

Frizbee was the paddle that would steer Kellogg’s brand purpose to shore.

With a suite of documentary-style videos, social teasers and smart targeting, we were able to deliver fantastic return with a minimal budget – in just over two weeks! The campaign results were blown out of the water when the video documentary, chronicling Kendrick’s journey from preparation to victory, was aired on the national Nine Network and affiliate stations.

Just like Kendrick, Frizbee delivers with speed, passion and fun. And we both have the numbers to back it up (Kenrick nailed 42 kilometres in under 6 hours), Frizbee achieved the following in just two weeks:
– Over 550,000 total unique views
– 40,000 interactions on Intagram alone
– Approximately 30% capture of key 16- to 35-year-old demographic via Channel 9 exposure

At Frizbee, we can help you build & deliver your digital and social content strategy – in less time, wth less money than traditional agencies. Still not convinced? Read the full Kellogg’s Channel of Bones story to better understand how we can deliver outstanding brand experiences for your business.

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