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Content marketing: How to use email and video to grow your audience

by Joana Inch | 4 years ago

Marketing trends point to video as the best method for engaging and growing your audience. Email has traditionally been a cornerstone of inbound marketing. What would happen if you combined your email marketing with video content marketing?

If done well, email helps videos gain exposure. Video help emails get opened, read, and clicked.

Here’s how to do it well.

Embed vs click-through

A basic, yet important, question businesses ask is whether to embed the video in the email or to take the email recipient to a website. Let’s examine what happens in these opposing scenarios.

Scenario 1: embedded video

Your eager email recipient notices there’s a video in your most recent email. He has been a huge fan of your emails because they provide value and help him solve problems. He opens the email. He watches the video. He gets value from the video. If it’s really good, and he has a friend who could use the information, he might forward the email.

He then closes the email and gets back to his inbox. He does not visit your website. He is not exposed to your brand. He does not see the additional great content on your site. And most importantly, he does not check out your products and services that would help him solve a problem.

Scenario 2: A click-through video

Your eager email recipient notices there’s a video in your most recent email. She has been a huge fan of your emails because they provide value and help her solve problems. She opens the email. She clicks the video thumbnail that’s been overlaid with a play button. She is taken to your website, watches the video, and gets value from the video.

While on your website, your email recipient is exposed to your brand, exposed to your great content, and intrigued by a special offer that will help you solve a problem.

Which scenario would you prefer?

In most cases, scenario 2 is preferable. When it comes to email marketing, including a clickable thumbnail with a play button overlay is preferable to an embedded video.

4 Steps to growing your audience and strengthening your brand with video and email

  1. Create an engaging video that provides value to your target audience.
  2. Create an email that highlights a video. The email should include a thumbnail of the video with a play button overlay.
  3. Email recipient clicks the thumbnail and is taken to your site.
  4. Email recipient loves the video and shares it on social media.
  5. Because a lot of her friends on social media share similar interests, they click on the video and are taken to your site, where they sign up for your email list.

This is the foundation for marketing with video and email. It’s simple. It’s not always easy. It takes time to gain a following. It takes time to create great marketing videos. The experts at Frizbee will help you do both. Contact them and see how they can help reach your marketing goals.

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