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Content Marketing Automation: The Full Benefits

by Vinnie Romano | 3 years ago

Content marketing: it’s one of the most critical parts of your marketing strategy. You need the content that will appeal to your audience, build trust, and let them know that your business has the tools they need. Content marketing automation can take the frustration out of getting your content out there, giving you a better connection with your customers.

What is Content Marketing Automation?

Content marketing automation removes the day-to-day grind from content marketing, allowing you to more effectively schedule and prepare your content and schedule your future efforts. It includes:

  • Creating social media posts ahead of time, then publishing them when it’s convenient for you
  • Automating customer connections, creating specific triggers for when customers receive communications from your company
  • Designing more personalised advertising efforts for your customers
  • Preparing blog posts well ahead of schedule so that you won’t have to worry about creating content on the fly
  • Targeting specific leads and enhancing your ability to connect more effectively with high-quality leads who are more likely to convert.

Content marketing automation doesn’t just automate the process of putting out content and hyping it so that your customers find out what you’ve created. It also allows for a better experience for your customers, including producing personalised content recommendations for customers, making it easier for customers to connect with your content.

The Benefits of Content Marketing Automation

Content Marketing Automation

When you automate your content marketing, you’ll experience several key benefits identical to those enjoyed by the 51% or more of companies already using marketing automation, including:

Freeing up your creative employees. Your most creative employees are likely the ones tasked with taking care of most of the content marketing process, including publication needs as well as the actual production of the content. By turning to content marketing automation, on the other hand, you can increase the amount of time those valuable employees have to focus on the most important tasks in their day.

Decreasing your costs. Since you’re automating the process, you won’t have to spend as much time on your marketing–and that means decreased costs. Marketing automation is already bringing in more customers and better sales for many companies that paid search and blogging. It outperforms even social media when it comes to customer retention. That means you’ll get improved sales for lower investment–a win all the way around.

Increasing your connection to your customers. When you automate the marketing process, you can increase your connections to your customers. Since it often takes multiple contacts to make a successful customer conversion, marketing automation increases those contacts without increasing the effort made by your salespeople.

Industry Trends

The latest technology in marketing has substantially increased your ability to automate the marketing process and experience all of those benefits. Consider how the latest trends in content marketing automation can help shape your company for the better.

Data shapes everything. A stronger understanding of marketing data and how it applies to your individual business has the potential to transform the type of content you create, what platforms you use, and even how you choose to deliver it to your customers.

Customisation is increasingly important. Customers expect customisation from their advertisements and the other communications with your company–and that will only continue to rise as you move through 2018. Marketing automation will allow you to collect better data that will, in turn, make it easier to provide customers with exactly the experience they expect from your business.

AI platforms deliver better awareness of customer needs. Machine learning is increasing marketing professionals’ ability to understand exactly what their customers need and how to deliver it as well as identifying higher-priority clients and how connecting with them can improve your ability to reach marketing goals.

Understanding the latest trends in content marketing can help transform how your business connects with your customers. If you’re ready to create a more effective content marketing schedule, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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