Afraid of the Shitstorms of Digital Marketing? Quiet Your Fears!

by Vinnie Romano | 3 years ago

Digital marketing is a constant balance. You want to excite the public and provide them with a window into all the great things your business is offering, but you want to make sure that it’s done in the right way. If you fail, you’re afraid you’ll invite a shitstorm of negative comments like this one as your so-called fans pick apart every detail of your marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, your fear of what might happen in the wake of your videos is preventing you from enjoying all the benefits a great video marketing strategy can have for your business. Instead, focus on developing a great video strategy that will allow you to skip the negative comments and enjoy the full benefits of video. Video with an emotional element or that tells a story will enable you to connect more effectively with your audience, rather than creating the problems you fear.

Strategy #1: Plan Carefully

Take the time before producing your video to think through exactly what you want to accomplish with it and how you want to go about it. You need to have an editorial plan developed around your video content: something like a content calendar that incorporates your video as part of a bigger story or campaign. An extensive plan will help you avoid some of the most common video fails including the ones that your fans are most likely to pick apart. Ask yourself:

  • Who you’re creating this video for: Who will be watching this content? And who do you want to respond to it?
  • What you’re planning to accomplish with the content. What are your goals when you publish this video? Are you trying to bring in more customers? Inform existing customers? Encourage customers to buy a new product? Clearly understanding your process will allow you to convey it through your video.
  • What message are you trying to convey with this content? Sum up your message as clearly as possible so that it will be more likely to make it into your final video.
  • How are you planning to put those elements together?

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Strategy #2: Understand Your Audience

In order to put together a video that will answer the concerns from your plan, it’s important to fully understand your audience. You want to know their pain points, what they’re hoping to attain from your video, and what will interest them. Take the time to learn what your audience likes to watch and think through how that can transform your video.

  • Do they want to be entertained, or are they looking for specific information?
  • Do they enjoy advertisements for new products in your industry, or do they prefer to learn about products organically, as part of a larger strategy?
  • Is your audience more engaged by a specific type of content?

Strategy #3: Use a Test Audience

Before you publish your video, whether it’s to your social media accounts or as part of a larger advertising campaign, allow someone who wasn’t part of the design or creation team to watch it. This will accomplish several key purposes. 

  • Establishing the visibility of the purpose of your video
  • Ensuring that no silly mistakes made it through the editing process
  • Providing you with a better idea of how your video fits into your overall campaign

A test audience should be made up of people within the audience you want to target with your video as a whole. You should have a list of specific questions for your test audience as well as inviting their open feedback when the session is over.

Producing amazing video is more likely to engage your audience and convince them to deepen their relationship with your company. If you need help making sure that your digital marketing strategy is on point and that your videos inspire positive comments, not a storm of negative ones, contact us today.

What’s more, we’ve just written a new eBook on all the details of video marketing. Download it here and stay ahead of the trends!

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