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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business in 2018

by Joana Inch | 2 years ago
5 Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Business in 2018

Digital marketing continues to rapidly transform as a field. New technologies come online and new techniques come into fashion every day. To reach out to every potential client, digital marketers everywhere must continue to explore these new avenues. To stay on the cutting edge, they must quickly adopt new technologies as and when they come to market. If you are a digital marketer, these are 5 of the biggest trends you need to leverage to grow your business in 2018.

Voice Activated Search

Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are all gaining ground, both inside our homes and on our phones. Since 2013, the use of voice-search has grown roughly 35-fold. Indicating a large-scale adoption of the technology. As the way people search for your product or service has changed, so too needs to change your marketing strategies. Get ahead of this trend in order to maintain, and possibly improve your digital marketing metrics.

First stop: think of optimising your SEM strategies for voice search. Whether your site ranks by reviews, location or another factor, you need your listing to come up first.

Secondly, your apps need to work with voice search. Think about apps that allow voice commands for purchases and re-orders through Amazon’s Echo, for example.

Video Content

As bandwidth on a mobile phone becomes greater globally, almost everyone can view videos on their mobile device. Smart marketers are already looking to migrating their advertising from text and audio to video content. Often seeking out third-party visual production studios to help with this transition.

When implementing more and more video in your digital strategy, remember to create something that is of solid video quality and that you use well-chosen music as a basis for your content. Without these factors, so much energy spent on creating your video will be wasted. Then think of distribution of your content: don’t just stick to YouTube, but place video content throughout your website and social channels. Pro-tip: put you ads before your videos instead of as an end-screen!


It’s an all-too-common problem: too many visitors reaching a website get distracted or lost in finding what they need. Visitors simply no longer want to look around your site and search for what they want, and a poorly optimised site may cause a lot more people leaving your pages than you’d want! But extensive conversion-rate-optimisation (CRO) efforts, including A/B testing key pages, isn’t always a realistic solution as it requires quite some budget and resources.

Instead, more and more marketers are taking the human approach. They use chatbots to engage with each potential client to help them find what they need, human-to-human, and as soon as visitors reach the site. These chats pop-up and automatically engage the visitor in a conversation.

You can automate these chats into perfection. So that they can recommend certain products or provide a link to cash out. You can have these chats request user-details so that your team can engage with them for a follow-up. Best of all? Visitors using chatbots have a much higher conversion rate than those who have to find their way to the right product organically.

Chat Engagement

Chatbots on your website’s homepage aren’t the only way to leverage chats. Digital marketers across Asia-Pacific are also utilising chat platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and others to engage new users. Bonus: directing traffic from Facebook to Facebook Messenger, or from your website to Whatsapp is a native experience for many visitors.

As the groups grow, it becomes an ideal way to target and stay in touch with your potential customers. You can create both official and unofficial groups on these apps, personalising your audience’s experience as you see fit. It’s a great place for you to announce sales or new product launches. What’s more: it’s a great way of getting people engaged with your brand by using the chats as a means to provide news or new initiatives.

Hyper-Local Marketing

Last but not least, digital marketers are starting to use hyper-local approaches to target their customers. These hyper-localised efforts feel much more personal as these social or search ads reference a neighbourhood or community. Where these efforts used to be too time-consuming or laborious, new automated tools allow companies to broadcast thousands of local ads in this way.

This approach is a great way of setting up your next Search Ad Campaigns. Often, by using broad search terms your taking a bit of a gamble with if your ad will rise to the top. Instead, hyper-localised ads mean that the competition is much less in each community. Which increases your odds of success, clients and turnover.

At Frizbee we are always on the lookout for new trends in the world of digital technology. We aim to adapt your content to every new environment. Let’s have a chat today to see how can we help you with your digital marketing and content strategy. Coffee is on us 😉


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