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3 Signs You’re Creating Content for the Wrong Persona

by Vinnie Romano | 3 years ago

Creating content is a critical part of your marketing strategy. With advice everywhere on creating the ideal content for your buyer personas, you’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that you’re marketing specifically to your real buyers. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to be working! If you’re dealing with these three clear signs, chances are, you’re creating content for the wrong buyer persona.

Sign #1: You Don’t Have Any Idea What Decision Your Buyers Need to Make

You’re marketing to a specific buyer, and you know a lot of things about them: their age, their income range, even their position within their company. There’s just one problem: you have no idea what decision your buyers are making when they opt to purchase your product or service. Unfortunately, this leads to a disconnect between your content and what your buyers actually need. Instead of focusing just on the buyer’s attributes, take a moment to consider what decisions factor into the choices they’re making with your company. This might include:

  • What results are your buyers looking for? That is, how are they hoping to change things, whether in their business or in their homes, by buying your product?
  • Why do buyers opt to purchase from your competitors instead?
  • If your buyers fall away from the buyer’s journey and end up not making a purchase, what is it that makes them decide that they don’t need your product after all?

By understanding the decisions that your buyers need to make, you can guide them more effectively through the buying process–and toward the purchase you want them to make. It’s important to be sure that you understand your buyers on that vital level so you’ll know what they really need from their interactions with your company.

Sign #2: You Have a High Bounce Rate

When visitors come to your website, how long do they stick around? Do they take the time to read through the content on the page they initially visit or do they click away again within a matter of seconds? Are leads browsing through more than one page on your website, or do they leave your site after only one or two clicks?

If you’re struggling with high bounce rates, finding it difficult to keep visitors on your website, chances are, you’re writing for the wrong buyer persona. By altering the attributes you assign to your buyer personas and deepening your understanding of their needs, you can create more effective content that is more likely to reach the buyers you need.

Sign #3: You Have Lots of Visits, but No Conversions

People visit your website on an incredibly regular basis. You have high levels of traffic, but they don’t seem to be converting! If you’re struggling to actually convert customers, chances are, you’re writing for an audience that isn’t actually interested in the products that you’re selling. Customers will come to you for advice, but they don’t have any real interest in your products! While writing for your peers, for example, can help establish you as an authority in your field, it’s not going to bring in the traffic you need to improve your sales. Instead, try shaping your content to your customers: individuals who are interested, not only in the advice you can offer but in the specific products that you have for sale.

If you’re ready to transform your buyer personas and create a more effective marketing plan, we are here to help you.

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